Artist Proof Silicone Brady Harris Pics up!


I have an A/A silicone Brady by Angela Harris. He has Artist Proof written on his body. He will be 400 shipped. I can root him with black super curly mohair for an additional 100 if anyone is interested.d He is super cute but I am just not bonding with him. I have only had him about a month maybe two. He is bald too. Anyone here interested in a lovely preemie sized little boy? No pets or smoking.

The limbs have been powdered so that is the white you see in pics.


I love him! LUCKY YOU!!!


Thanks. He is super cute and cuddley but I would like to sell him.


This little guy is still up for sale. I can do a short layaway depending on your terms.

PM if you are interested in this little guy.


Congratulations!! I just got one from Olivia Stone! Don’t you just love the silicone babies!!