Artist acrylic paints blotchy what am I doing wrong?


So for my AA baby I decided to go ahead and used my artist grade acrylic paints. I’ve mixed them with some liquitex matte gel, a bit of golden Matte medium and some distilled water.
I’ve tried pouncing it on with my wedge sponge and I’ve also tried painting it on with a brush, then pouncing with my wedge sponge, but it keeps coming out blotchy. How do I get a nice even skin tone?
Grrr it’s driving me crazy, I have switched back to GHSP but for this baby I didn’t have the colors so I thought I would use my acrylics and it’s making me so crazy seeing it all blotchy.
Please help…


Have you tried other sponges? The wedges don’t tend to work that well with air dry.


For an AA baby, I would use genesis if possible. It’s really hard to get an AA baby with air dry… Agree about the sponges. Wonder wedges don’t work well with air dry paint. I order a brand called fantasea off of Amazon.


I use a brush to apply the paint and then blot with a sponge and gently tap in my paint with a large mop brush or better, a kabuki brush. I have far more even coverage this way. I also use very thin washes with matte medium and distilled water.


Try to add a bit of slow dry in your paint, that give you more time to blend.


I make AA babies with air dry just fine. Don’t add a lot of water to the paints. Do not use the Ultra Matte Gel as it is a bit grainy. Use the paint, a little distilled water, your Golden Matte Medium and some Retarder. I prefer RebornFX products and their Open Time but since you are using the artist grade paints these are the products I would mix. Force dry each layer with a hair dryer. I DO apply my color with wedges and try not to over pounce. Over pouncing causes lift up of the paint that is starting to dry and leave it looking blotchy. Pounce lightly just to blend the lines.

These babies were all painted with air dry paints and darker shading done with PanPastels.


They are beautiful :).
I only use the Liquitex matte gel on my first layer. I now use the Golden stuff, I love it!!..and I have you to thank for it :slight_smile:


Thankyou. I’ve just started stripping the kit, as I was so eager to get her skin tone smooth I kept adding and adding layers and she turned I to a really really dark baby and her skin was horrible to touch.
Once I’m done stripping, I’ll give it another go with what you suggested and if I’m still having problems it’s off to the shops for some more GHSP’s
Wish me luck I don’t want to have to strip her twice… Lol
ps - what colors did you blend for the last baby pic?


I could not even tell you for sure what colors I used. Bi-racial brown, Neutral Brown, Sunkissed, blue, are some of the colors I remember using. I just work til it looks like I want.


I hope you get it. I hear the learning curve from GHSP to air dry is hard! I use Liquitex too. You have to do your own thing because what works for one person doesn’t work for another. I use Liquitex Matte Gel, Ultra Matte Varnish and a little distilled water mixed in my paint with no problems. I do not prep my baby. I do not use Golden Glazing Liquid, I did at first. I use the primary method with my last layer being the mother color - wash. I finish with Soft Touch Varnish (Deco Art - blue label). My paint is milky not watery.

Of course every baby is done differently but that is my basics. I am still working on brows :smirk:


I know I’m super late in this post but I’m using air dry paints from miracle blend and having the same problem with blotchy uneven dirty looking paint on my doll :frowning: you said don’t add a lot of water? Like how should the consistency be? I feel like maybe my paint is to runny and it dries quick before I can even pounce it


When that happened to me I think the problem was making sure to stir well. If you are in a dry climate you may need to add an extender such as Golden Acrylic Glazing Liquid Satin. I make my consistency milky, others make it watery. Hope that helps a little. @Westcoastreborns


When I tested the Miracle Blend paints I found that adding a product to them like Golden Fluid Matt Medium (what I was using at the time) or Liquitex Glazing Liquid (I have used this in the past with BabyFX paints) really helps the paints to stick well, not bead up and go on more smoothly.

Now that I am using RebornFX products, they have Emulsion mixed in with their paints and if I add more water to the paint I use a couple drops of extra Emulsion as well. It does the same thing. All 3 of these products work on the same principle of adding binders back in to the paints, slightly increasing working time and making them flow better. When painting AA I usually add some Open Time as well to extend my drying time then force dry with a hair dryer.