Article on the cost of making reborns

Hello everyone. I have been asked to do an article on the basic costs of making reborns. I was at first opposed to doing so as each artist incurrs their own fees. I hope I was able to cover the basics without getting into what an Artist chooses to charge. I hope that you all enjoy the article. … born-dolls

Wonderful article! Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

Thank you all for taking the time to read it Feel free to share the article/link where ever you would like. Some Artists are simply copying the link and sending it as a reply to the customers that are asking for dolls priced below $100.00 The more people that see this the further the word will get out and hopefully people will stop asking for free or cheap reborns

People who want a cheap reborn should check out the prices on regular dolls. I was looking for a toddler doll for my “grandson” (I borrow him from a neighbor! but her daughter calls me mom so I plan on being grandma) He’s turning one and I gave my son a doll at that age and he loved it. Then he got a toddler Buddy doll that he had for years. He slept with them until he was about seven or eight along with his dino. Now he’s a great father even excited at getting his chance to change dirty diapers!
Sorry I got off track! I found out it isn’t easy to get a boy doll plus if you want it to last plus be cute and durable. Plus his dad is going to freak out thinking I’m trying to make him a sissy unless I get a macho looking doll. Prices for a doll start in the $20s and go up to about $50 for just a baby playdoll. Reborning one for him is out of the question since he trys to eat my doll parts if we aren’t careful. So tell people what a quality doll costs (I paid $150 for a baby doll right before I started reborning) and maybe they will understand.
And yes, I’m guilty of selling my first three at really low prices. but they were made on seconds, plus mismatched limbs, plus I just wanted them to find new homes. So I did a little better than break even. The next ones?

I think that may be where they are getting their low prices from. They think well it is just a doll.

Very nice article.

Excellent article, thank you for writing it!!

Thank you so much for writing that.

You are all very welcome. I did not do a list because I do not want to pigeonhole an Artist into these prices. I was vague and general for this reason. For instance, I use Delta Dawn mohair so it can cost me $50.00 to $100.00 for the hair someone else may use $20.00 mohair.