OMGosh, bless your heart!
How horrible, and I imagine that couldn’t have been easy.

I wish for you a speedy-quick recovery!
I hope you have some one around to help you out a bit.


Goodness! That’s horrible! I hope you feel better and recover fast.

Hope you get to feeling better, and heal up really well,

Oh wow i hope you are not hurting to bad? I had those screws in my arm a couple of years ago and the pain was pretty bad!

Hope you’re feeling better soon.

Hugs Tina

OH MY GOSH!!! They would have to put me in a drug induced coma. There is no way I could handle not having the use of my arms.

How on earth did you break both your arms? Chasing a good looking guy??? I hope you heal quick.

Wow, so sorry to hear of your injury…get one of those babies and rock her! Get well soon…I am signed up for Lara’s winter class too…should be great fun!


Take care. I hope you heal really fast!

One arm is bad enough but both arms would put me in a nursing home! How do you get dressed, use the bathroom, comb your hair, oh good heavens, you have a great challenge. I hope you heal up quickly and I am taking the class also so we should all get to know each other better. Don’t overdo and have pain–that doesn’t speed up healing. I am speaking from experience here–rotator cuff surgery.