Armature in a reborn?


Does anyone know the best way to do this in a reborn ?

I use to put it in porcelain dolls but we made it stay put my filling the limbs with hot glue, dont think that will work for vinyl!!

Thanks in advance for any help!


I put an armature in my Mei Ling toddler. You can’t use the jointed body that came with her, it has to be an unjointed body. I just put the armature inside the body and packed poyfill around it. Then put the arm and legs armature down into the limbs without fastening them in anyway. I got an armature with long enough arm and legs so that they went down into the limbs for at least three inches. Packed the limbs with polyfil also. I did add some weight to the body with glass beads also. She moved really well with the armature inserted and could be posed in lots of ways. Also could stand up by herself. I did not add weight to the head so she would not be top heavy. Here is her picture. Nancy


She is darling Nana!!! Thanks for the info !