Armature help


How do I insert an armature in Tibby standing?


But a little bit of the weighting in her feet, so she stands while you are working on the armature. Then you have to put the armature through the body and into the legs. I add a little more weight inside the legs, then stuff around the legs to make sure the armature stays centered. At a bit of weight (If you want in the booty area.) and stuffing to the body around the inside of the armature, but don’t fill it yet. Then do the same thing to the arms that you did the legs. After that finish filling the body. If you got the larger sized armature the head should sit pretty nicely add in fuller support for the head.


Thanks! Is it ok if I don’t use the armature on the arms?





Yes, you don’t have to use the arm part if you don’t want to use it. If you don’t use it her arms wont pose, but the armature will still be sturdy for the legs, just make sure you keep the body piece attached to the legs inside of the body, or the armature in the legs will just fall up into the body and wont hold.