Arianna Toddler Finished!


I am still deciding on her name. The poll had more votes for Kaylee, so I might be going with that. It’s a really cute name.
The lighting is not very good, b/c I just took the pics and it is dark outside. I used a daylight light bulb for the first pictures and the last 2 are just my regular kitchen light. These are not her photoshoot. Those will be taken outside at the park while there are clouds in the sky to capture all her awesome detail. =]
I also only took pics of her in her cheerleading outfit b/c I just wanted to show some of you the first pictures of her all done. These will not be the ones posted on ebay. I will also be posting her auction link soon when she is up on ebay, that way everyone will have a chance to bid if you are interested.
I wish everyone could see her in person. These pictures don’t even show how beautiful she really is. I do NOT want to sale her, but I have to. She is my best reborn ever!! It feels like she is my own child, she is very realistic and weighs as much as a real 1 year old.
Here she is:


she is adorable, I bet she is going to do very well on ebay for you. good luck with her auction!


She is so sweet! I can’t wait to see more pics of her in the pink outfit! I am sure she will do great for you!


She is beautiful…where did you get the mohair??


I love her …she is so adorable!


She’s a very pretty baby. I’m looking forward to seeing more pix.


She turned out really pretty.


Great job!!! I love her! BOL with ebay!


Aww, she turned out great!! I love the Arianna sculpt and yours is beautiful! I bet she’ll do great for you on ebay as well! I can’t wait to see her auction.


Thank you all so much! All of your comments really mean alot to me.
I bought the hair from fbn*mohtique on ebay.


She turned out great!!
I love her little outfit too!


Aww she is beautiful, You did such great work on her. What color did you use for eyebrows?

Hugs Tina


Hmm… I think I mixed some really light colors together lol. I really don’t remember exactly what I used. I always do that, I just mix up alot of different color until I think they look good.