Arianna question

I am sure this has been asked before so please dont shoot me!
How much hair do I need to buy for Arianna? I was thinking two ounces and I can always use the leftovers later.
Also what size clothes and shoes does she wear?
What do you all weight her with to make her heavy, just glass beads?

Thank you!

I just agreed to take on a custom Arianna I will be rooting forever!

I am working on my 3rd Arianna and have yet to weigh how much hair I use but I would say getting at least an ounce. Of course a lot depends on how much waste there is and how thick you root it. If you’re planning on getting 2 ounces, that should be more than enough.
She wears 6-9 mth clothes on up to 12 mth. And I’ve just weighted with glass beads and she winds up being nice and heavy.
Hope this helps and I can’t wait to see your Arianna. I know she will be beautiful since you do such amazing work!

Your dolls are always amazing, Jen. Please post pics of Arianna when you finish her!

Thank you soo much ladies. I am really excited to start her and cannot wait to finish.
I dont know how long it is going to take but when I finish I will most definately post pics and will probably have more questions in the mean time

Thanks Andrea