Arianna in progress

Here is the Arianna I’m making for Ebay. I’m rooting her big head right now with a little afro and hope to be done either late this week or early next. I also have to finish the coloring on her hands and feet. Any and all critiques are welcome.

She looks SOOO REAL!!! Cant wait to see her when she is done.

Beautiful, I love her coloring. She’s going to be soooo precious when all done.

    Hugs Tina

She is looking very good!! I can’t wait to see her with hair!!
She is going to be a real beauty

Thank you so much everyone! I’m happy with how she’s looking so far and it was quite the feat to get her skintones where I wanted them.

Very realistic! I can’t wait to see her finished.

Very pretty.

Adrienne you have done a WONDERFUL job so far! She is so very realistic. I know I have seen pics a little while ago but these up close and more recent pics are just awesome!! Now I am even more excited to get my custom Michelle from you!

She’ll do great for you - coloring looks perfect.