Are YOU actually making any MONEY?

There are so many amazing skilled artists out there, who are underpricing there work. What I want to know is-- Are YOU actually making any MONEY on your dolls, or not? The cost of materials is pretty high, and so many hours go in to creating these exceptional, lifelike beauties.
If you are making a nice profit, what is your secret? Where do you sell? How do you find your customers? How did you come up with your pricing structure?
I know it feels so good just to have someone hold your little creation in their hands, and see a smile on their faces, but for some of us with meager bank accounts, it would be nice to not feel guilty about the time we put into this hobby. I’d love to be able to spend more time on it.
I’d love to hear from all of you!


I keep my prices down by figuring cost and then just adding a set reborning/rooting fee depending on the size of the doll… In doing it that way I am able to cater to a large variety of buyers…
for example…
Dolls like these I would sell cheaper because the cost is lower to make them

Dolls like these I sell for a bit more because my cost is moderate

Then Dolls like these are in a higher price bracket determined by my cost…I keep my fees the same no matter what sculpt and the fee is based on size of the doll, tummy plate added and things like that…Doing it like that, I am able to determine my profit and keep it where I want it and still offer a good quality reborn to many different budgets… :smile:

Hope that helps. :smile:


I do mostly BB kits and don’t go fancy layettes so I do make a profit but it’s been really tough the last few months. I need to sell and can’t afford to wait months. I try to keep my supplies under 100 per doll and try not to sell under 300. Not a huge profit and sometimes I will do better but this dry spell is hurting…:frowning:


Wow! These are all gorgeous!!!


Ooh, great work! That last baby is especially phenomenal. Could you give me your price range for these categories? (Both because I’m learning, and would also love one of your babies!)


That sounds like a fair profit though. What are your favorite places to sell/connect with your customers?


I love your work. I especially liked the last 2 pictures. Can you tell me what kits those were and where you got them?

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For the limited edition kit I usually charge three times the actual kit price including body, clothes, and hair. If I am making BB kits it is a toss up. For my last Rosebud kit I charged $200.00 and I got the kit for 14.98. So with everything I probably spent $45.00 to make if even that. I keep an Excel spreadsheet on all my kit prices and everything that I use to make them including clothes. I sell on EBay during Christmas so usually October-December. Then I sell on Etsy the rest of the time, and my customers find me. I tried to sell on but that didn’t really work for me. I don’t really make dolls to make money but rather because I like to make them. I am not a collector and both of my boys are teens. So I get the best of both worlds being able to make them and buy baby clothes :smiley:


Oh, I know! There is so much to be gained in making them/shopping for them! I couldn’t agree more. Thanks for sharing what has worked for you! Would you be willing to share a sample of your work?


Here are a few.


Oops to of the same one :blush:


Aww, thank you. They are really sweet!


Awww Thanks Megan… :smile:

Wow, lovely compliment…thank you…If you are looking for a bubs in particular, you can PM me and we can see what we can do…I am happy to work with you. I am in Australia though so just wanted to mention that as the postage cost is quite high…The only other thing I need to mention is that I’m pretty swamped with custom orders at the moment so it would be after Christmas before I could possibly look at adding any more. (I am naughty and took on a few more than I should have - my rule is no more than 14 for a 3 mth period but I took on 17 because of Christmas YIKES! Thankfully I am a workaholic and get bored when I am not busy… :smiley:

Thank you (if this compliment is for me…) The last 2 are Leelou by Cassie Brace and Miracle by Laura Lee Eagles…I purchased them both from Suppliers here in Australia - Leelou from City of Reborn Angels Reborn Supplies and Miracle from Tiny Tots Reborn Supplies - both are Sold Out Limited Editions but you may find them on the secondary market??? :smile:

Thank you again ladies…you really are all very lovely! :smile:


Thank you Debbie for the lovely compliment…I think pricing is sort of a personal thing…Some ladies spend literally days rooting a doll head where I spend 1 - 3 hours on one (unless it is an Angelica by Reva Schick…lol…that one takes me a while…lol) I am ambidextrous so that may be why it doesn’t take me as long?? I think you have to be willing to make some profit but not expect to be fully paid for all your time on an hourly pay rate if that makes sense…I always try to keep in prospective that #1 - it is something I love doing so as a ‘job’ it is a dream job…if it is just a hobby to a person than it is a bonus to be paid to do something you would be doing anyway…#2 - though there are a lot of hours in making a reborn, are you in it for the money only…if so, you have to see a good profit for the effort or it is not worth the time and effort…#3 - we have to be realistic about our talent…that is the hardest part for many ladies because as we make these little ones they become very ‘beautiful’ in our sight but it is not necessarily what others will see…(when I first started, I thought my babies were really quite good and could not understand why I had to relist some of them several times before they sold…I would look at my doll and think it was as good as someone elses who was selling regularly…when I look back at them, I think…gracious…someone actually paid for that! #4 - If you are making the dolls to make money you need to consider the positives as well like, no cost for travel to a job, no wear and tear on your car, no lunches to buy, no extra outfits for working, etc…those things are positives that off set some of the other expenses you do have with the dolls like extra power cost, etc…
Ultimately, no one can really tell you what to charge for your work…You have to feel good about what you are doing. I was very comfortable setting a ‘fee’ over cost for all my dolls…It allows me to make a profit I am comfortable with…and still be able to offer a very flexible price scale. My motives for reborning are a very mixed bag… I love dolls and kids, I miss my grandkids so it gives me a nice feeling making the reborns, I am hyper and need something to occupy my mind as I have some health problems and can’t get around as quickly as I like…I am semi retired so it allows me to make some dollars for some nice little extras but ultimately, I think I wanted to be able to get to a point where I could offer quality dolls at prices that allowed many ladies that could not afford a quality reborn to have a really nice doll and not have to settle for lesser quality because they ‘needed’ a doll for whatever reason and could not afford a nice one. I do have a price scale that I use but I usually determine while talking to a lady wanting a doll what I am going to do for them…I just really love the art, and love the joy it seems to bring to others…the dollars are a blessing and a bonus for doing something I love and I think really God gets the glory for whatever talent He has allowed us to have when we are able to create something beautiful from our heart with our hands… :smile:


I charge different prices depends on the kit. I always make a profit, I need to or I would have to get a real job. Lol joking I’m a registered business so I have a real job.

If someone sends me a kit I charge $150 just to paint. So I work off that rule. unless it’s a cheap BB kit then I’m not as expensive, depends on what it cost me. I don’t root hair ever if possible that’s time and money lost for me.

Like for example I buy in bulk direct from Germany. Postage is spilt between dolls. I make sure I buy enough to make it viable like 5-8 kits as I’m in Australia and post is $$$$

I don’t really ever root hair, I paint which has gone from taking me many many hours to about 45mins depending on the style. And paint with GHSP I bought the 1/2oz kit from BB 6 years ago. Only colour I have bought are flesh (1oz) x3 and lip nail (1/2oz) x2 and of course oderless thinner I need and yep u guessed it I buy in bulk and get it in litres.

I only buy one outfit for the baby and a bodysuit, limited to $20. If it’s super cute and not a custom I will go to $30 Lol I look for sales and specials and buy in bulk the same outfit if it’s cute and perfect. But I only buy cute outfits.

I use the honeybug dummies and once again buy in bulk save on post. If I buy 1 here for $7 post is $7.50 that would make just 1 dummy $14.50 that’s crazy, so I buy 20 at $7 and post is still $7.50! making post roughly .40cents per dummy. That’s just given me more money back in my pocket.

I buy in bulk baby blankets so cost me tops $5 for a really nice blanket. I only buy nice ones, nothing that looks cheap.

Buy bulk nappies when on special.

Basically what you need is to not worry too much about the extras. People are going to change them as soon as they get them into their outfit they have chosen. So they don’t want you charging them and extra $60 for clothes they would rather buy the clothes themselves.

I know most people are on a budget and can’t buy in bulk, but I was too, I used dolly dollars to get into the position I am in now to buy in bulk. just takes time. :grinning:


I also have a spreadsheet with all the dolls prices breakdown. That way you can track profits.

I always add $20 for power and thinners and paint onto every doll kit.



Yes I did one once before And with how to do the codes on excel to make it even easier you where you type your numbers in and it adds The profit automatically. I will look on my laptop tomorrow for it. :grinning:


So sorry to hear this …I do hope that it never happens…would be a very hard thing to deal with…hugs and prayers.

This is a very good point…I do the same…I always wait for sales and then buy in bulk…example - target just ran a sale on $25 outfits…they were marked down to $7 and I got an extra 20% off so I bought 6 of every style and colour…lol…
I also use to put the beanie baby bears with all my dolls and found a lady that was selling out of them (all brand new stock)…she sold me 150 bears for 80 cents each…and another lady I found on ebay sold me little hospital snap front shirt and pants sets for $3 a set and 3 packs of baby blankets for $6 (very nice quality) so I bought all she had. I was able to give $6 stuffed bear toys, $12 outfit and a $8 blanket ($26 value) with all my dolls as extras along with the 2 outfits I usually include as well (my actual cost was only $5.80 to give the extra little surprise for my more expensive dolls or was a nice little beginner package for my cheaper ones… :smile:)

It does take a little while to be able to do this if you are relying on dolly dollars to build yourself but if you take all your profits and reinvest them into your business and you are smart with what you buy, you can build up nice stock and will find that after a few years you no longer have to bargain shop your sculpts and things as much and can start getting what you want…(I was born a bargain shopper so will always look for a deal no matter if I can afford full price or not…it is just my nature…lol) :wink: It takes time, work and perserverance but it is worth it in the end…


This is me…I’ve always had a hobby of some kind and this one suits me perfectly now I’m older. I’ve always had a regular job and spent $$$ on my hobbies. I mostly gave the finished products away to family and friends so it’s nice to be able to sell them as well, just so I’m not out of pocket. While I’m still working I am getting together a considerable amount of kits and baby clothes and all the other paraphernalia that we need to reborn with. Just sold 3 babies to happy new ‘mums’ and working on the hair of another. I’m one of those who does take ages to root a dolls head but it is my favorite part of the process . And if someone loves the work I put into it …I’m happy!


Its a hit or miss. Some babies sell right away while others take months to sell. I finally sold a baby thats been available for adoption since this summer last week. I also sold my Navi baby before she was even finished. As for pricing i am trying to keep my reborns priced between $350 and $700 depending on kit, with the silicone Navi being an exception, gotta price her differently :slight_smile: She is my best priced sale so far.