Are we losing members here?


I remember when we posted pictues of what we got from our R.R. partner so many members left comments. Now i noticed hardly anyone looks. Have we lost members. lost of intrest?


Based on voters in the past pageants, it seems that there are only about 75-85 people that actually are voting and I would think that anyone who is active in the forum would vote SO - maybe BB is losing members??


From the past, I think people get busy with summer things and do not visit as much or reborn as much. I know it happens for me. I have gardening that takes up alot of time. I noticed, too, that the bidding was much lower.


Wow , i know i voted on both. I never thought about summer being so busy. Espically with kids out of school and vacations.


I know my job is busier and them some want to take time off for vacation thus more hours to work for the rest of us. We are very busy here.


I know for me I haven’t been on lately now I’m really busy before I used to be able to sit on here but now I pop in for my morning coffee and afternoon coffee break but yeah I think people are leaving too it seems like it.


I voted!

A lot of you know we just sold our house and we’re preparing for a move to Florida…we are busy, busy, getting things packed, etc. so I don’t have a lot of time to check in these days. Hopefully things will slow down when we’re settled in our new home.




The summer time is always the busiest for my business so can’t really get on the forums as much as usual and when I do sometimes it’s hurry read and get off before the next customer needs attention.