Archie (previously Leif) is here! Pic heavy


I know these pics have terrible lighting, but I couldn’t wait to show him to you guys. I will take some fresh pics whenever the sun decides to shine again. He’s listed on Reborns. Thanks for looking!


Oh how sweet!!!


Thank you! I wish I could keep him :slightly_smiling_face:


He is so little and adorable, I bet he is hard to let go of!


Thank you, and yes! I don’t feel that way about my first, but this baby #2 pulls at my heartstrings. He’s too young to ship off :sweat_smile:


He looks great! His hair is lovely.


I absolutely adore him!


Beautiful! :blue_heart:


Thank you all for the sweet compliments :relaxed:


He is a beautiful baby.


A few brighter pics :grin:


I keep seeing him on sale and saying no. Almost had to slap my hand away this morning lol. Then you post this adorable little fella, you are enabling me😉 no wait that was Clyde this morning


I can see myself doing many more of him, although he is super hard to pose with his crazy long arms! Clyde is a cutie too!


Those are neck wrapping arms, a little hugger❤️