Appreciating BB Shipping

Okay, I ordered a kit from somewhere else ONLY because it was a certain I needed (otherwise I always order from BB of course) and just wanted to say I placed the order last Tuesday and paid for priority postage (which they charged $20 for the kit for shipping) and I still havent got it yet because it was just shipped yesterday!
So just wanted to say that we need to appreciate BB because they ship our stuff out the same day or very next day and we get it in three days!~
So thank you BB it is very much appreciated!

Totally agree!!! LOVE bb

AMEN! I do not get mine for almost a week but I appreciate them. I had to order some bodies from another place since I could not get them from BB and I will not get them according to USPS until Friday which will be 10 days.

I completely support BB - product & shipping and costs. They are the most reliable in my personal opinion & I know I will continue to buy.

Definitely! I just had to share my feelings because it was one of the few times I’ve ordered elsewhere and I expecte my package To had arrived by the weekend but it didn’t and I realized I was used to bb always being on the ball, they set the bar high which is wonderful