Apperently RSV can kill adults


Very sorry to hear about your loss. Prays go out to your family and especially the children!


So sorry for your loss. Many prayers to you and your family.


How awful.:cry: I will keep your family in my thoughts.


I am so sorry for your lost. Mes plus sincères condoléances.


I have a cuddle baby I can donate for just the amount of shipping fee if the younger one can use as to cuddle and hold on to it .

I am so so sorry . Shouldn’t happen and this pas few weeks hear many people around this age dying . Why ? 45 years old men had heart failure leaving behind two kids , another one 42 men in a motorbike accident .

It is just so hard to understand .


That is very kind of you, im sure my sister can give her the cuddle baby she was planning for Christmas, Thank you for your thoughtfulness :wink: Such a hard to understand loss…pray for Monday please.


I’m so sorry… Praying for your family :pray:


There are no words for the unexpected loss of a young person. Just know that you and your family are on many minds and in many hearts tonight.


Thank you all


How horrible! So sorry for your loss!


So sorry for your loss, sending up prayers.


Oh my goodness, this is so scary. I am so sorry. Much love and healing to your family.


Yes ANYONE can die from this I’m so very sorry for your loss. This kind of thing is deadly for me I have autoimmune diseases and I can’t even go into my sons school ,but even the healthy can get taken by this. Prayers for everyone and his wife and children. I hope the Drs. Are taking precautions and making sure they watch the children for any signs. Huggsss


Thank you. It was an extremely trying week. He was a fire fighter, so had an enormous amount of support from the comunity, so many at the visitation and “formal” funeral procession with coffin on firetruck, bag pipes ect. Warmed our hearts to see cars pulled off highway and drivers standing at salute. His poor little son ended up passing out at the grave site, and daughter sobbing “daddy” on the coffin…hard to take. God has his timing in all our lives, we understand. Sorry for your health concerns. :wink: