Anyone working on their Anna?

Just love this lil Peanut !!! I started her last eve and got up at 6 am so I could work on her some more !!!

Mine hasn’t arrived yet, but I’m happy that you love yours! Can’t wait to see her!

Sure are!!! She needs to be cooked buut i have a few flesh layers on her. Im glad she isnt that “light neutral peach” colour and just regular peach.
exciting, would love to have her finshed this weekend, but im not too sure how im going to with the last custom order waiting on hair… so i best do that first! Just couldnt help myself on getting started… not sure if im making a boy or girl, but im thinking of painted hair.

Yep! I’ve finished painting her and am going to start rooting this evening. She’s adorable and I love the kit color. So much less work than the neutral peach color. I love her size too. I made her body the other day and I hope it fits her size ok. Maybe I’ll go put her together and see how it looks.

I will be starting mine probably tomorrow. Hubby goes hunting all weekend. HURRAY!!! NO COOKING, oh except baking my babies.

Ditto on broke! Oh well, I have about 4 or 5 kits in my hobby closet waiting to be worked on so I am resisting the urge to overspend.

Ladies you will love this sweet baby -I am so loving her !!!

She is almost done and ready for me to start rooting -pics to follow that

OOh i cant wait to see your photos!!!