Anyone who has reborned Moby

Can you tell me if she’s very realistic in person please? Also I’ve noticed her hands are a bit weird looking or is that just me? I was thinking of getting a couple to do as gifts, still not sure which sculpts to choose yet so any help would be much appreciated. Thankyou

Thankyou Sandy. That’s good enough for me
I think she looks really cute but wanted to hear it from those who had actually seen her all done in person. I must have just looked at a bad shot on E-bay to have thought her hands looked odd. The "freaky, creepy, too real’ remarks always crack me up I love them and consider it a great compliment also. Thanks and I’m in total awe of you rooting with one hand in a cast

I am also working on Moby as a custom unfortunately I only have the first layer. I don’t care for her hands but that is because they are closed lol. She is not as small as I thought either she reminds me a lot of the Lucy sculpt. She has a long neck in my opinion or a small face on a big head whatever you want to call it lol. Her toes are a pain also because unlike her hands the toes are each seperated lmbo. I have to take pictures of her tomorrow for the client so I will upload some then. Hugs Debbie

— Begin quote from “lastingmemoriesnursery”

a small face on a big head

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That’s okay I know alot of adults with the same affliction

Seriously, I guess there’s something a bit odd to be said about any sculpt but I’m valuing all opinions greatly so thankyou Debbie and thankyou in advance to anyone who’s going to upload pics, much appreciated!

I have thought the Marissa May sculpts all have tiny faces for the size of the head. And when my Meg kit came, I was shocked at how far back the ears sit!!! The prototype was gorgeous though, so maybe I can make it look okay…

She has grown on me I have to admit that I quite like her little face. She is still a WIP, but here is mine.

Now that she has a few more layers I am beginning to like her more lol.

She’s cute!

I made moby into a boy and he turned out really cute…I love him!

Linda Wooten

linda, I would like to see a pic of your little boy please, I will be starting moby before to much longer,

Elikless yours is so cute I love her!
I’d love to see anyone elses also. I do love her little face, she seems to be a pretty little sculpt so I have ordered her.

Willow he’s adorable!

The more I see that little face the more I love it!