Anyone use the Genesis Paint thinner?


Since my baby was seeming chalky after baking, I thought I would try the Genesis paint thinner to thin my paints. While I do like the color once applied and it is not chalky, I have a new problem. The leg/arm is no longer smooth. It is now rough. I know why it is rough, but is there any way to smooth it out? Help!


I use only the Genesis thinner and I have never had a baby feel rough. How rough does it feel?


The arm/leg no longer is smooth, as it originally was brand new. It feels like a cat’s tongue, when it licks you. Am I mixing too much thinner, too much paint? What consistency is your mixture when you apply it?

I pounched it quite a bit with a makeup sponge. Should I use something else?


The Genesis thinner will add a texture, but it shouldn’t feel as rough as a cats tongue. I usually start off with a mixture of 60% thinner. Sometimes I use more depending how I want the color to look. The consistency is a little thinner than pudding. Sorry I can’t think of a better comparison. Maybe you are doing it right and just do not like the result with the Genesis thinner.


Using the Genesis thinner is your baby still as smooth as the day you got it or does it have a little roughness to the skin? It looks good but just feels funny to me. What do you use to pounce the paint on?


There is definitely a texture that is not as smooth as the blank vinyl, but I wouldn’t say that they feel rough. I use cosmetic wedges to apply the paint.


Using the Genesis thinner will leave a tiny bit of texture but mine does not feel rough by any stretch no matter how much I use! Are you sure you did not mix the thinner up with the matte varnish? The matte varnish makes my dolls feel like a cats tongue and I hate it! I only use it on dolls that really need it and then thin it down so it does not feel so icky!


Thank you ladies for your helpful comments. I will keep working!


Perhaps you aren’t pouncing it enough.


I also think it can be the pouncing.