Anyone Try Ultimate Fusion Paints?

I have Miracle Blend and wondering how they compare- thank you!

No, but I want to! I’m planning on trying the primary method with them

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I have the starter set and have done a practice arm and one reborn. I love them. I have also joined Sue Ellen Taormina’s Patreon. I highly recommend it. She offers step by step primary.


Ok thanks :blush:

I’ve been using them for almost a year now and really like them. They take come getting used to after using Genesis, but once you get the color combinations and get the “skin texture” you like, they are fun and easy to work with. Plus you can touch up a doll without having to take the doll apart or heat it.


Ok-Haven’t use Genesis for several years because of health reasons but I was just wondering what it’s like compared to miracle blend. I might buy them just to try the sample kit.


I started reborning in 2003 when it all was starting. I decided to try Sue Ellen’s Patreon. I’ve learned a lot of new techniques and have achieved so much more realism in skin tones. She has been adding AA videos, also. Well worth $10 a month. You literally use a drop of the paint with distilled water. It dries rather quickly and you can move on to the next layer.


Yes, I’m a patron of her as well. She’s great at teaching!

She is teaching at ROSE this year if you have a chance to take her class


What is the name of her patreon? Im not able to find it under her name.

Liveffects with master artist Sue-Ellen Taormina