Anyone tried this?

Would love to hear your thoughts. :heart:️

I haven’t , but would love to

Yes I bought it, DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY! It’s a huge regular sewing needle with the eye cut so it is like a pitch fork! I ordered the smallest size she had and asked her if it was the one used for rooting reborn, she said it was and that lots of reporters use her tool with that size needle. This is not for reborning, it’s for rebooting like barbies hair with those big holes and to pull in a ton of hair!


Oh crap. I bought it.

Can you cancel the order? If not, return it as “Not as Described”.

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Yes, I certainly will!:scream:

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I have purchased two of their needles. I don’t root heads yet but use their smaller one to root eyelashes.

Maybe you can contact the seller and ask them to cancel the order because you realized it isn’t really for reborns. It’ll save you both postage expenses.

Wow, when I purchased one I had never seen a reborn rooting needle so had no idea it isn’t the right kind. Good to know.

Oh no, I’m glad I haven’t bought it yet

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Yes definitely not the right kind. I tried it once thinking about hat maybe it wouldn’t leave such a big hole but it made a massive one and pulled in every single hair that I was holding onto, I take a small section of hair from the hole batch And root one strand at a time but with this thing you cannot root one strand at a time! I had about 100 strands in that huge hole! She does show a picture of a rooted reborn head using this but I do not think it was done with this. I bought both the eyelash And hair rooting tool, she said one was smaller than the other but they are both the same thing.

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I was wondering if the eyelash one and the regular were the same size. My eyes aren’t the greatest so I wasn’t sure. So, they are the same size??

When I use the eyelash one, I usually just take one or two hairs at a time and place them, otherwise it would grab too much at once.

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Ive never even tried to use it for eyelashes bc of how big it is, I’d be afraid that it would gouge the vinyl at the edge where the eyelashes go. Yes, they were basically the same size, I think the hair rooting one was smaller the than the eyelash one. But not by much, still way way too big to be using to poke into the vinyl IMO

I bought these and don’t use them. The eyelash leaves big holes and is pluggy.