Anyone Subscribe to Meal delivery Service?


I’ve been wanting to check out a meal delivery service, and been researching HelloFresh. The meals look really good and they’re running a special right now. I’m interested in hearing from anyone who uses that service or other meal delivery. What you think about the quality & taste of the food, cost effectiveness, etc. Thanks in advance :blush:


I am not a subscriber, so I can’t comment on the value, but I was given a few HelloFresh meals by a wonderful coworker when I was very short on food to eat! Of course it was great when I was in need, but I honestly can’t imagine spending money on it. The portions were very very small, except for the bitter veggies. I like kale, but I had cups upon cups of it with hardly any meat!! I also found the seasoning to be quite underwhelming. This may all come down to personal taste, but in my opinion, most people could make the same meal but better-tasting on their own, and it wouldn’t take significantly longer than cooking a HelloFresh meal took - but it would be far cheaper!!

If you’re really short on time (or really hate chopping!!) and have the spare cash, I would still buy the meals, just supplement the veggies with some less assaulting flavours and add some of your own seasonings.


Thank you for the input. Lol I definitely don’t want any assaulting flavors. I was reading a foodie blog online and the lady was discussing her experience with hellofresh. One of the very first things she pointed out was the pre-portioned sizes being “barely enough,” and never having left overs. I kind of worried about that because left overs make up a huge part of my work week lunches.

Some months back I purchased a bunch of freezer storage containers from amazon and did this whole mega meal prep thing over the course of 3 days. I must have cooked 10-12 different meals and stocked the freezer. They fed 2 people for almost a month, but damn it was alot of work, mess and clean up. I was hoping something like the meal delivery would make it easier since everything is already preped, but sounds like the cost effectiveness may not be there.


What I usually do when cooking is cooking for more people than you have. I’m on my own and cook for 4 people, then put the other three portions in the freezer to eat later.
You could even cook for 6 or 8 people, depending on how much space you have in your freezer. The time involved is a lot less than cooking seperate meals and it’s more cost effective because you can buy ingredients in bulk.


I shop at Sam’s club and do my cooking once a week. If that happens to include something like chili that freezes well, I double it and freeze the rest in portions. My freezer always ends up stocked this way, so there are always options for those days where I’m busy or just am not feeling it.

Mess up the kitchen once, clean it once. I also make good use of my food processor to chop, grate, and puree things. It actually doesn’t take me long at all.


For people who cook a lot and like to cook, the meal service is probably not practical. Those people can easily and less expensively whip up those meals. People like me, who don’t like to cook or don’t cook often, these meals were great. If you don’t mind the 30 minutes or so of chopping and meal prep you get some very tasty healthy meals that I would never have come up on my own. My husband and I found it plenty for the two of us. My son ordered Hello Fresh also and being single, he would cook up the meal and have an extra portion for lunch or supper the next day. I started out with Hello Fresh and then ended up with Home Chef because they had a gluten free option. Currently I am trying Freshly. These meals are already cooked. You just pop them in the microwave. This is more expensive because one meal feeds only one person and it is $10 a meal. It’s tasty and healthy. They have lots of GF options. It’ s very convenient for me to take one to work. I probably won’t continue ordering it after a while because of the expense.


I have tried a meal plan like that and it just was not good to me at all. I am Latino so I like a lot of spice in my foods and that just does not deliver that. Very bland to me.


I’ve used Home Chef for the past year and love it! I also did Hello Fresh at the same time at first and definitely prefer home chef. They have tons of choices and the recipes are much easier to follow. The portions were good (and I liked to eat A LOT lol) and depending on the meal there were sometimes leftovers. They also offer “5 minute no cook” lunches you can order each week. I’d definitely recommend home chef. Hello fresh, not so much.


Thank you all for the information, it’s been very helpful. I think I’ll do some checking out of other service before jumping on this one (or maybe just stop being lazy and go grocery shopping lol). Thank you @Bec1273 I’ll look into Home Chef and see what they have to offer.


I’ve tried them all, but continue to come back to Home Chef. Perfect portions for my husband and I. My kids are super picky and never eat what we do…needless to say, I cook two separate meals nightly!


I know someone that orders her single sons meals from one. He’s got epilepsy. I don’t like it because the serving (they are the largest they have) are very small and they are expensive. This guy is beyond skinny. They don’t look that good. I cook on the weekend and put food in double serving containers for the two of us or single for my husbands lunch. Last week I made some single ones and told him here are a couple of meal for when I go to Utah for Rose. He liked that. Put them in the freezer and take out in the morning. We have had surprise meals when I forget to write what’s in them lol. I’ve always wanted to swap with another cook. Do you have a sister friend mother you could do this with. It’s so much easier to cook a big meal than a small one.


The meal swap is a really good idea, but unfortunately there is no one nearby who id want to swap meals with lol.