Anyone purchased any of the seconds bodies?

Has anyone purchased any of the seconds bodies? I was wondering if they look good enough to use on a reborn that you want to sell.

I have bought one but not received it yet, sorry

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Well bb states there’s cracks in the jointed discs on the seconds. I bought 2 regular bodies at $7.95 today instead of the second which were only a dollar less. I’m not sure I would want to buy a seconds body unless I was keeping the baby. I would be afraid it would fall apart.

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ditto i would be a bit worried here becuase what if the seam just came apart when the customer had the baby at home id be too worried

Yeah, I’m with you girls. I’d be afraid it would fall apart, too. Thats exactly what I was thinking!

Dang it, and I missed the body sale on the original bodies for #1804. I should have gone ahead and bought a few this weekend. I was going to buy eyelases too. Oh well!!

I just got a seconds body and it looks just perfect -no cracks ,sewn well and just like any other body -I think these are a great deal !!!