Anyone on to offer advice?


So I’m doing a Dominic. He is the 2nd I have attempted. I stripped the last, and then bought another to set the other to the side.

My desk I work at is directly under a vent, and I didn’t notice until, well now. My Dominic has little dust pieces baked into hair paint. What the heck can I do besides strip him? :sob::sob::sob: here’s a picture of his cute little face, that I’m hoping not to screw up.


Following…my babies always seem to get little fiber and dust particles on them during painting also…with no vent in sight!! I try my best to use the edge of a wedge sponge to dab the stuff off before baking. That usually works ok, but it’s frustrating. Sorry I don’t have advice for what to do after the paint is set!


I tried to dab all I could see, but I baked him, and found some more baked in. I want to cry. :weary:


My advice would be to get as much off as possible, and the rest probably won’t be visible on the finished baby. I’d say keep going and just wipe him down gently before each bake with a clean paint brush to remove any particles that get on him.


Thank you! I will try that. I don’t have the time to buy another kit, so I’m hoping it comes out looking fine. :weary: