Anyone looking to destash eye lot?

Just wondering if anyone here has extra eyes they were looking to get rid of for a good deal. I would really like a variety of different sizes and colors to try out, preferably from one person to keep shipping down. Please let me know what you’ve got, thanks!

I’ve got a pair of hazel glass eyes I’ve been meaning to post for sale. They’re 18mm. Message me if you’re interested and I can send pics and we can discuss price :slight_smile:

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I have 6 pairs lefts -scroll up

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Sending PM

Thanks, sent PM

I sell eyes on Etsy. Shipping is combine in the cart. Tracking on all eye orders. - I’m in Canada, so it can take 2 weeks for delivery.

I have new eyes once or twice a month. I ordered a new shipment from Germany today. :slight_smile:

If you’re interested, here’s the link to my shop:

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I will check them out, thanks a bunch!!

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I have a pair of 24mm blown, glass eyes that are green and a 22mm blown, glass eyes that are blue. I also have 2 pairs of 24mm half-round acrylic eyes that are blue. Will sell the lot for $84.00 + shipping. GREEN EYES1

Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 2.20.47 PM ![Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 6.50.36 PM|392x500](upload://nD jXS9PH0FILN1FALnf0oESxyQO.png)

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Thanks @marybader I believe I’m going to pass on them though.

I just gave away about 30 pairs of eyes of various colors and kinds, acrylic, full round glass, flat back glass and oval glass for the cost of shipping. Next time I will wait and sell them. I just thought nobody would want them.

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Awe man, that would have been perfect!! Let me know if you wind up with anymore you don’t need.