Anyone know where to get a pink wig?


My daughter has asked for a doll kit for Christmas. She wants a Bean to make Poppy from the Trolls movie. I’ve ordered her the kit and some pink eyes I found on eBay. At 8, she’s already very picky and specific about what she wants, lol, and she’s not fond of rooting. She’s asked for the kit to come with some “pink hair that she can just glue on” instead of rooting. Does anyone know where I can get a pink wig to fit Bean? Or is anyone able to make one I could buy? The more “troll” looking the better, lol, but any pink wig will work! Here’s a picture of what she has in mind:


Amazon has some 18 inch fuschia troll wigs for American Girl dolls. I think they could be adjusted to fit Bean if you cut a wedge out of the back to make it smaller.


Thanks Jean that’s perfect! Just hope it arrives before Christmas lol.


you could try Kemper doll wigs


Also the option of getting a normal pink wig (cosplay) and cutting it to get wefts, then gluing them on.

I assume she will want it in the right hair style always? So the wig would be made with the wefts upside down to go up easier?

@Miss_Kitty has made some where you glue them to a seran wrap style cap first…