Anyone know if Denise Farmer still make's kit's?

Is there any intrest out there for her kit’s anymore?

I would love to buy any of her kits - but they are all sold out. I haven’t heard about any new releases, but would sure like to know if she has kits available!

I LOVE her kits!!!I watch for them on ebay,
but so far they have been out of my price range.
Normajean,what head was it you ruined but had limbs for??
I never did get back in touch with you on that.Send me a Pm
and I’ll get you fixed up

I have two of her kits that I have offered for sale in the kits for sale I do not know of any new ones either. She sometimes post on this forum…maybe she will see this question for her.

I know when I first discovered reborn’s and the forum’s, it seemed like people were crazy over her kit’s I did see two of her kit’s sell on ebay about two week’s ago or three? for over a $100.00. They were the Lilly and Wendy kit’s. Once seen her Marsha kit go for a very very huge amount Wish I had that kit now that hubby got laid off his job It would sell for good money!!!

Mamacat, I have peach limb’s for sam or sera (duh, first thing to go is the mind) I do have a peach sofie head but I do not think she would work with those limb’s and I do not like that sculpt anyway

I love all her kits! They are so cute reborned.