Anyone here on Instagram?


I didn’t see yours, but maybe I’ll come across it!


Great explanation! It’s just so easy and not too personal.


I’m rebornreflections. I have had that insta account for 2 years, and it’s where I share most of my pictures.


I hadn’t planned on selling on there but I do have a link to my reborns nursery. It’s a nice way to see babies and have reborn mommys view your work!


Mine was hacked in 2015 (I dont even remember making one) but always got emails in Arabic from Instagram. Tried resetting my password and such and had no other activity on my account for about 2 years but it still emailed me in Arabic… In order to delete my account I had to download the app to my phone, do a password reset there and it finally emailed me in English. Then I followed directions on Google of how to delete the account


I am trying to add the rest of you guys, but I get error messages. So, I guess I’ll try later. Mine, if anyone is interested, is virginiajackson55. I will, hopefully get some baby pics up when I get them made. Right now I have 4, so I need to take pics, and then I can put them up. I think there are a couple pics of my youngest granddaughter with hats I made her. Anyway, having others to connect with will be much more fun.


Nicholealexisrotko follow me and I’ll follow you! :heart:


I’m @zeldaripley on IG. If it ever comes back up I’ll follow you all!


I think I added all of you. :slight_smile:


I sew as well. Do other crafts, too. So yours is interesting to me. :slight_smile: I followed you.


Same here. :smile:


Gracious Bundles


If you have the app you can create a scannable name tag in your profile. You can use it for people to scan and quickly follow you or you can scan others to quickly find and follow them :slight_smile: Just found it and thought it was pretty cool. Here is mine for anyone who wants to give it a try and follow me


Building some inspiration! Following everyone! My other art Instagram is @rockin2dimebag. I haven’t posted on there in a while but it has portraits and even a couple baby sculptures thrown in. :grinning:


Glad you said something, I didn’t recognize you on insta at first!


I made an account, we’ll see how it goes. I’m milosmeadowsreborns :slight_smile:


I went through and followed everybody!!! Phew! @sweetiepieapril, your ping lau’s are GORGEOUS!!! I LOVE Reine!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I think I followed most of you, I’ll go back and do the rest later lol


I am atticflowersdollart, but nothing is on there.


LOL. I’m glad I did, also. I have never had too many friends who have any of the interests I have.