Anyone here on Instagram?


I was just wondering if anyone had an Instagram. I would love to follow people with my account so I could see updates or progress pics. My reborn account is @easytolovenursery. It’s new and I’ve been trying to do progress pics and thinking of video tutorials.


I followed you. :slight_smile:


I followed you.


My instagram is picketfencebabies, I’ll look yourself up!


Mine is @bottlesandbloomers
It’s not very active right now though, because my reborn supplies are packed until at least next month.


Me, me, me!
@Saint Cloud Nursery

On my way over to follow


following everyone


I am @kuddlykangaroonursery
I will be following you all :blush:


Do you guys think it’s worth it? I have no social media personally, and my reborn facebook is pretty inactive because I’m lazy and don’t like facebook. Do you think it’s worth it to try?


I’m teacupbears on Insta! I’ll go follow y’all now :slight_smile:


I need to learn Instagram still, but I intend to get on there at some point soon. I’ll save this post and follow you all once I get mine up and running:)


I’ve only sold one baby off Instagram, so I can’t really say bc I don’t post babies that often. I will say that a lot of people are on there and if you like seeing baby pics then that’s the place to be lol.


Thank you :slight_smile: I’m not expecting to sell one lol I just don’t know if it’s worth the effort cause I don’t like any social media


I like IG much better than Facebook! It’s much simpler to use for novices, in part because the search/hashtag feature is sleeker. It’s just pictures/videos and captions (so there’s less link clickbait), but you can do “albums,” add shopping links, and do calls-to-action. Plus, my IG Stories are always viewed more than the FB ones.

(There’s also the benefit that you don’t need to use a first and last name-- it’s easier to keep reborning separate from “real life” on Insta. You can also have multiple accounts much easier without violating the ToS, and archive posts and highlight stories.)

There are no groups, so selling is harder if you don’t have a following, but overall, it’s just a lot simpler. And honestly less political. Hope this explanation helps :smiley:


I tried but it won’t let me make an account right now, I keep getting error messages. I’ll try again later


Instagram and Facebook are down at this time.


I’m on insta! Not super active but I post every so often! It’s mainly crafts, sewing, my cute studio decorations…I don’t feel comfortable sharing my reborn life publicly yet. However, I will probably create a separate account soon for the sewing I do for babies. :wink: You can find me at maddiemakeseverything.


I think mine is @Peachtreebaby, but I don’t like Instagram, so I’m hardly ever on there


I’m cevans.austin


Thanks guys!! I followed everyone I could find.