Anyone here homeschool?


Does anyone here homeschool their kids? And if you do, would you mind me picking your brain for a second.


I do. :blush:


I think @Renauta427, @avyona, @Mommy2five and @Rachyface are also home school families


Yes, we homeschool. 5 years now. I have a 7 and 9 year old.


We do! Three graduates and four left ages 1, 13, 15, and 17.


I did…all 4 of my kids right up through all their years


I homeschooled my older kids through middle school and high school and started with my two youngest, 13 and 16th, last year when the stress got too much for them. Nearly all of my kids have some form of autism. It’s unheard of here in France unless you are in some sort of cult or something lol so we got a lot of flack at first but the help we still get for my kids can’t deny how much better they are doing


I do. Pm me anytime.


We unschool.


My daughter homeschools her 3 children. She lives in Suffolk, Va. They take classes with other homeschool kids one day a week also.


I homeschool my 8th grader. It’s new for us both, she has gone to public up until 7th grade. My others go to public school so far. I’d be happy to answer any questions, though I am a newbie myself :blush:


Wow! Yay! Okay so I didn’t think there would be so many homeschooling mama’s here. So my daughter is currently 8th grade. We were going to homeschool her this year but she begged to go to public. We enrolled her but we are wanting to pull her out. We are in Illinois so our laws are more lenient than others. We have decided that doing online homeschool is going to be best for her. I had a couple in mind and then decided on Acellus. I’m not sure if that is our best option or not. I’m second guessing myself. She wants to go to high school next year and I don’t want to screw up her 8th grade year and not be able to enroll her. Is there anything I need to know that might prevent me from enrolling her? Is there things I need to make sure she does besides obviously the required course work? Do you have any opinions on other online programs I should look into? We are wanting secular online that isn’t going to kill my budget. But one that pretty much will take care of everything for me as far as what I am going to need to prove to the school next year.


I do my own thing over here and will not be sending my daughter back, so I would probably not be much use to you.

I’m not familiar with your program. Is it a private, paid tuition one? In many areas cyber school is available for free and is like attending public school. They even sometimes give you a credit towards your internet bill and a laptop if you need one.


From what I understand Illinois doesn’t have that option. I think it’s only private schools that we would have to go through. :slightly_frowning_face: The options I’m looking at are all tuition paid. :persevere:


I’m kinda with @DollyPardon on that. We have a curriculum that is mixed with varying types of programs. We don’t do the online schooling option so I may not be any help there, but I would suggest if you are interested in sending her back to school I would definitely follow as close to their framework of standards and assessments. I live in OK where are homeschooling laws are not strict. I do know parents in other states however, that have tried to re-enroll their kids after homeschooling and were not given proper credit for subjects taken. As far as cheap, homeschooling can be as cheap as you kind of want it to be. It just takes time to search for material sales. Homeschool Buyers Co-op is good in that area, also craigslist, facebook homeschool swaps all have great discounts with a little searching. I have heard that some online public school options do offer books and laptops/tablets free or at discounted rates. Apologies for not being that much help, but if you need any additional help I am willing to research some options and get back with you. Message me anytime.


Same here! I don’t know if my daughter will go back into 9th grade or not. But if she wants to, she can because we will have the report card from the association we signed up under saying she completed and passed 8th grade. We are using this year as a test of sorts to see if she likes it. It does vary state to state. In SC it was super easy. We signed up under an association, and purchased the 4 major courses (in the form of textbooks) from the association instead of getting a program. It was very cost effective. So if illinoise has something like that, I would recommend it. They are very helpful and will be able to answer all your questions. They made it a breeze for us.


If you don’t mind me asking but what is the program you are going under?


It’s called lifelong learning. It’s a little building that is local here. They are an umbrella school when homeschoolers need an association to sign up under.


We have a regular boxed curriculum so not sure about online at all. Here (ohio) the online school is still considered public school just online. And it’s free through


I have some nieces that are doing the K12 program. I would check with your high school that she is going to next year and make sure that their math and language meets up with what she will be learning in public high school. When I home schooled my 4 oldest kids i kept in close touch with the school district that my kids would have been attending to make sure they were on level with their counterparts. I did find that as they got older I needed to supplement their math with other programs because I didn’t feel they were learning the most effective math concepts.