Anyone having trouble posting today?

I’ve tried to post on various subjects & the computer just stares back at me - no posts - and it made me login again, even though I am already on the site reading the posts…???

Yes- I can’t post in reborn showcase- it was doing this last week too

Are you getting e-mail notifications on topics you have subscribed to??? I haven’t gotten them in weeks… just thought the forum was “dead” and am finding out that I am just not getting notifications and I don’t routinely check “view your posts” to see if anyone has posted on a topic I am subscribed to… sure makes it difficult…

I just answered this in another section so forgive me for re-answering it here! The problem with being logged out over and over while you are reading and posting may be from your internet provider, not BB. It took me a while to figure that out when our satellite internet provider went to a “faster” device. It goes to local only which breaks the connection to the outside web including BB. Happens only sometimes on certain days…the provider can’t figure out why so we just deal with it and the frustration.

As to photobucket, I have come to the conclusion it just hates me. I do have to resize way down and also have to use a lower resolution while taking the photo to be able to post it here. But photobucket just seems to lock up my internet even when I’m not on BB. So it is photobucket, not BB, when that happens. I don’t know if that is what happens to the rest of you.

Me too- tried reborn showcase again- no luck

This has to be a problem with BB since we do not all have the same equipment.

For several days now, it’s very frustrating trying to use this forum. I have to sign in over and over again and no email notifications.

— Begin quote from “Debora Jenkins”

This has to be a problem with BB since we do not all have the same equipment.

— End quote

I sent an email to Nevin about the difficulties on the forum and have not gotten a response… Normally they are quick to respond…

I need help - I am going through the process of changing my avatar to a photo I would like to upload - but the system just sits and I cannot upload anything…anyone have suggestions?

I have a suggestion. BB go back to the old format. To me the old format was way more personable and user friendly. If all of us are having problems with how to do things on this new format what do you think the chances are for someone who wants to join as a new member are going to be. To me the more new members the better for business. Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t get it.

I agree ~ the old format was much more user friendly

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Yep. I have tried navigating this for the 4th time and I am about to just quit! Emily with BB is aware of the frustrations.

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I still cannot get this system to upload (or even attempt to upload) a photo for my avatar change. Doesn’t seem like it should be so difficult.

EMILY - I realize you must be very busy but PLEASE HELP ME FIGURE OUT WHY THIS SYSTEM DOESN’T RECOGNIZE ME…it is getting quite frustrating. When I go through the process to change my avatar, I select to upload a photo and does not move beyond that option. It’s like staring at a frozen screen - no it is not my computer, but I do have an Apple if that matters.

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I have an Apple as well, It should not matter. Let me look at your account and see why it would not be uploading.

I’ve changed your avatar, It worked fine for me, telling me that it is not an issue with the forum site itself. If you’d like to send me the image your trying to use I can upload it for you. Although, you should be able to, What browser are you using?

When you upload your image, although the screen stays white, try refreshing the page. Also try logging out and back in again.

I can reply to posts, but I still can’t start a topic.

As I was testing your account yesterday, you should be able to start a new topic if you first select a category to start the topic in. We have someone working on the problem that’s not letting you create a new topic before you select a category. Try creating a topic after first selecting a category.

I was unable to get logged in. I used the forgot password and still nothing. I finally had to create a new account. very frustrating.