Anyone have an extra BB peach Sofie kit to trade

If anyone has an extra BB peach Sofie kit, I have any of these kits or parts sets available to trade with you. Your choice:
Peach Trey
Peach Molly
Peach Paisley
Peach Kyra
Peach Tabitha
Pink Lucy

 Also have full sets of peach Avery Limbs
Please PM me if interested.

Would you be interested in seling your molly and sera and i so how $ for the both of them

Hi, was listing any of these to make trades to get the Aisha kit I want for the very reason that I had paid $34.95 plus shipping for many of them on the list, and now some of them are listed cheaper even though some are sold out. So I would be having to take a loss. Wanting to make trades to get Sofia and Aisha if possible without having to pay out more except in what the shipping costs would be to the person I am trading with. If you wanted to trade but don’t have an Aisha kit I would be willing to wait until you did have one or if you could have it sent directly to here. Hope that makes sense…

Anyone …new kits added to my list.


Thanks Gina…Will wait to hear from you, sure am hoping you have one.
Other wise I guess I will have to just go and orderone. Just have so many kits now would be better to make a trade if possible.

pm’ed you

Didn’t receive any PM racing_girl_9

PM’ed you again.

Still looking for a peach Sofie kit. Anyone have one they would like to trade for one of the items on my list please?
The sold out Molly available on my list is in the peach colored vinyl!