Anyone have a blank violet kit for cheap and willing to ship to Canada?


Looking for a blank violet kit


I have a Violet kit that needs stripping - he was made as a play doll and has been played with, the vinyl is totally undamaged but the paint job is bad and has been rubbed off in many places. He also has eyes inserted, I think they were inserted from the back with cut sockets if I’m correct. I’d be willing to sell the unstripped kit with the body and eyes for $15 plus shipping, and I’m in Nova Scotia - let me know if that’s something you’re interested in! I totally understand if not :slight_smile:


Yes that would be awesome do you think you’ll still have it next Friday that’s when I get paid


I believe I have a violet kit brand new if you are still looking for one. I’m in the US. PM me if you want me to take a look for it.


This doesn’t help but I was going to sell my violet kit just a couple of weeks ago I had it on here then decided to reborn her. I hope you find it :purple_heart:


I will definitely still have it then!! Send me a message when you get paid if you’re still interested :slight_smile: