Anyone have a 7month June Asleep for sale?

Does anyone have this kit? Thanks in advance.

@Sunshinesky does I think!


thank you. I will contact her.

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Thank you so much. She had it!

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You are so welcome…I’m happy to help!

I have her

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Bump. Still looking for June asleep.

Hope you find her!

@alicekay56 says she has June.

I messaged her a few times and haven’t heard back from her :pensive:

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Ok. Sorry. I just didn’t want you to miss the message. June has been banned from my house until 2021 :joy::joy::joy: I wish I could help.

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:rofl::rofl::rofl: I’ve made a couple of June’s but they just keep on coming lol

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I bet :joy::joy::joy:

Okay she’s available I have her full price 71.00 shipped I’m shipping large flat rate

Do you have her available still?

No sorry she sold