Anyone good at neutralising/matching vinyl pieces?


I want to use a BB belly plate with my Azalea but the vinyl is slightly different. I tried to match up my Twin A and B kits and that didnt work out well for me (I bought one from Germany and one from Canada and the vinyl was different). I thought I had the lighter one matched up well but they still ended up being different so I thought Id ask what would be the best way to neutralise?..I was thinking a light blue on the kit?
The problem is that I typically start with blue undertones and a blue wash so I won’t know what to do if I have to skip that on my plate. Im probably making no sense but maybe someone can give me a good idea :wink:
Here is the picture of her head and the plate (typical BB white)


I’m still practicing on matching pieces like this, but here’s what I might do. Do several thin white washes, maybe with a touch of Flesh 08 mixed in, to neutralize that light peach color on the head. Then do a very thin Ultramarine wash on the head, and then a very thin Q Crimson wash, and see what to do next. I find that white helps me neutralize peach vinyl much better than anything else I used to do. It just has be very thin and make sure you brush out any build-up in the creases. I’ll following to see what others suggest.


I am going to be honest with you. If you use a lot of white washes to match to the belly plate you are going to make your baby very opaque. I would try to bring the belly more peach or just search for a belly plate that matches better.


Thank you @ECNRebornBabies but I don’t use white or flesh but the crimson may be a good idea.

I do have a peach sample from RebornFX or maybe Ill just forget about the belly plate. I can always just put it away and use it for another baby…its clean but has no sealer or paint on it yet.


This is where using the primary method comes in helpful. Blue washes on the rest of the body, no blue washes on the belly plate. I once ordered Seconds Darren and could not find anything wrong with him until I washed and lay him out on a towel to dry. That is when I realized his head was grey and the rest of his body was white. I use the primary method and he came out even.


In this case, I would probably do a light blue (blue and titan buff) wash on the head, then a peachy wash on the belly to bring them closer together. When I do anything involving blue, I change my steps around, adding the blue undertones a bit later.


I may try that, thank you…I could use my teal and then do a yellow ochre wash on both and add blue undertones after that…or something along those lines.


I’d ask LLE on Facebook if there’s a tummy plate that matches her vinyl. I hate matching vinyl with a passion.


She has tummy plates but the smallest is for a 20" baby. I think Im just going to do her without it…Ill save my belly plate for one of my BB kits or since I have it out and Im painting Johanna Ill just use it for her.


I mix and match kits all the time and have had no luck with neutralizing. It seems that the kits have different vinyl…since I get them from different places…and they absorb paint differently. I use air dry. I just start painting and keep adding layers then at the end I add washes to match them up. It has worked better for me.


Ive finally decided just to put the belly plate away because it doesn’t even match my Johanna it has a pink tint to it…Ive decided Ill try to work with it later on with a different kit. At least I managed to get in some hair painting practice while I was making up my mind…I still suck but I think Im getting a bit better :wink:
Thank you for the tip, I may need it later. I also use air dry btw