Anyone getting Josie? DOTD?

I got her, I have never done Josie either, I could not justify the price…LOL but for 20.00 I got her, plus I took advantage and order some blue eyes that I was in need of…LOL
still I had to pay 12.70 in shipping charges…
Carmen in nj

I didn’t get her. I really don’t like that sculpt at all. Her features are too harsh for my liking.

Carmen, you really had to pay $12.70 for shipping? Holy crud!!

I got Josie… also some blue eyes I wanted and several other things, once I decided to place the order.
Shipping cost so much its best to make a larger order to make it worthwhile. This will be my second Josie, I got one when they first came out. She really looks good done as a newborn, very realistic I think. I don’t understand why more people do not reborn her, because she does look like a newborn baby with the scrunchy little face.
My shipping was $15.85, but I also got 4lbs of glass beads. Shipping is just getting to much everywhere, not just here but everywhere.

Nope…I just got Avery and Eden so will ber waiting before I buy any more…

i got her the last time she was on sale she is my siggy picture, I did not get her again I have too many kits to work on right now

Gina J

I did Joey and sold him on ebay for $101.00. I thought he was one of the cutest little babies ever. I loved his great big eyes. I was disappointed I didn’t get higher for him but was really happy he did sell. I had two bidders. I have Josie also and will try her later. I think they were adorable but my husband thought differently. I don’t think men realize that newborn babies can have very different features then a slightly older infant. I really love the newborns with the scrunched up little faces. I’d get bored doing only babies that have extremely pretty faces and I like variety. To me some of the newborns look very realistic.

Good luck with Josie. I loved reborning Joey.

I love Joey I think he has the most appealing look, I made him for my Mum and out of all her babies he is her favourite,