Anyone following artist on Patreon?


Oh no! That really stinks. :frowning:


I’ve used linseed before. But I didn’t pour it. I used a toothpick to put drops in the paint, about 5 to 10 drops.


@shandeni I can’t believe she did that - LOL! :astonished:


Which video of hers was that?


Did u see that too??!! I was like ohhh kay, mixed my paint the way she did POURED in my linseed and didnt dare paint in on a kit. Let the paint sit in my jar a few days and it turned into a gooey stringy mess of paint that i had to throw away!


The $5 a month is the same videos you get for the $9/ month. $9 just gives you the pdf files of colors used and charts and things like that.


Oh I see! Thank you! :hugs:


I use one drop of linseed oil exactly in my paint mix. No more. One drop is the max according to brooke nicole.


Katina, I saw this same live video and saw it on Youtube, free. So, I’m not sure what the purpose of her Patreon is. I had to stop watching after ten minutes, and even kept forward winding, because she’d paint a vein and then stop and talk for five minutes to whomever was in the room with her. Glad I didn’t have to pay for that. I think she really needs to get herself together before doing a serious Patreon.


The Genesis paint manufacturer says not to mix linseed oil into them. I did it as a newbie, only in tiny amounts, and I had paint curing and lifting from vinyl issues. I was staggered when I heard her say she was using so much.

Regarding Melissa’s Patreon channel, can you download her PDFs to your computer for offline use?


I’ve used refined Linseed Oil before, but ONE DROP. Two, at the MOST. :scream:

@ECNRebornBabies Yes you can.


Good to know. I think I’m going to sub to Melissa’s.


You wont be sorry


You should be able to download them. She even has at the bottom of all of them that you can share them, but if you do get the file for free to please go to her Patreon to sign up and support her.


Yes you can.


Is there a direct link to her Patreon page? I’ve never been to that site before.





You welcome


I’ve been on Patreon for MG but I’m not seeming to like what she is posting. She does air dry and really want to follow Genesis artists.