Anyone following artist on Patreon?


I like her painted hair.


I’ve already said it here, but I just have to say again that Melissa’s Patreon is amazing. It’s apparent by her quick responses to individual questions and thorough explanations of techniques that she really wants to help fellow artists. When I read the description that you get a “fly on the wall” view of her painting dolls, I thought it would just be that. But she narrates the whole video, explaining things along the way. Lots of extras too- like supply lists and reviews and mini tutorials. I’m really excited that she’s already on to season 2, creating a doll from start to finish.

She strikes me as a person who is always excited to try a new material or technique, and it’s so great that we get to go along for the ride! Haha

Her page is a shining example of what Patreon is supposed to be :hugs:


When did Jackie post her painted hair? I have been on her patron since the end of January.


I’m not a huge fan of painted hair in general. But Jackies is really good. All of her dolls are amazing. I wouldn’t blame her if she wanted to keep her techniques to herself. That’s fine…just don’t say you’re going to share, and then take people’s money and not share any valuable info. :confused:


I’m talking about in her YouTube videos.


She truly is phenomenal. I would pay more money a month, for all that she shares.


I did give up Ortiz and joined MG. I am so glad that I did!!
Does anyone follow her wife, Stephanie, on Patreon? I was wondering if she does the same as Jackie.


Tinahr, I was wondering about the wife too. Doesn’t she do silicone babies? That would be neat to learn about.


I think Jackie’s work is amazing but I don’t think she’s a good teacher. I’ve only watched her free youtube videos but she has a hard time explaining things. She says herself she is a visual learner. I know she doesn’t show everything on her free youtube video but even what she shows isn’t very detailed. Watching those I would never pay for her tutorials.


I recently watched a few videos on youtube from Stephanie bc i was thinking about joining her patreon but her youtube videos are just like jackies with a lot of chatting and not much info


I follow and support alot of artists, not just reborns artists though. I think it’s so awesome you can support artists and learn or get their items etc in return. I’m about to start mine after thinking about it for a couple years. I think everyone should try it out or support peoples art. It’s so cool!


Oh my goodness, I just had to join MG Dolls with all the rave reviews. I am floored by her thoroughness!! And her willingness to share such golden information!!


Isn’t she amazing?! I love how willing she is to share her secrets with us! :heart:


I know, right? Its so fresh to have that!


Is it the more expensive one? I’m wondering how good the videos are on 5.00 month


I’m not sure what u get with the 5.00. It tells you tho. I do the 9.00 a month.


Thank you :slight_smile:


I watched a video by Jackie Ortiz the other day on youtube and she said it was for Patreon people.

She also said she’s using linseed oil when painting now.

Of course I only watched a little bit because I get bored watching videos…


She uses YouTube for her videos. If I’m not mistaken, she post some of the videos for public viewing as well. A bout a month ago I watched one of her videos n she said someone told her about linseed n she will use it for all her babies now.


In her patreon video of using linseed oil, she pours a TON of linseed oil in her paint mix. I followed of course and did it as well. A few days later my paint mix in the jar turned stringy and unusable. A few days after that she posted that she was using way too much and have since lowered the amount she’s using. :worried: