Anyone following artist on Patreon?


I thought about following her, but I wasn’t sure what would be provided. I like Melissa George and what videos n PDF’s she has shared.


I am enjoying Melissa’s videos and will continue as long as she has such good content. It’s fun to watch her work in her studio in real time. Her rooting style is quite different from what I learned from Jacky at ROSE. It’s fun to see how different techniques can both yield very nice results.

I like Patreon. It’s hard for artists to afford to continue working between sales. Traditionally artist had patrons. I like to feel this is just a modern day version of that system.


I am also a patreon member paying $10 a month. Maybe I am missing something but the only videos I see are mainly about which doll should I give away, packing her up and cutting hair. None of that helps me. I thought I was paying to see how and what color paints she uses. Seems like it is always the same. Not the info I thought I was paying for.


Exactly! I thought I would see her go step by step painting the reborns that she gives away…I mean isn’t that why we would pay someone each month?


I started a baby following along with her painting steps but she only went up to step 4 and then to a hair cutting video. I thought she was doing a step by step by posting those vids but i assumed wrong. Melissa George on the other hand is doing a complete baby start to finish!


If you go back through her posts there is one called painting videos and it has step 1,2,3 and then there’s the painting video with step 4 by itself.


I was thinking this exact same thing before i even read your post!


Shandeni, I will do that. Thanks


But that is all she has,#1 neutralizing, #2 veining, #3 creases and last video is #4 which is blushing. Which they are great videos but nothing more really than what she has on youtube for free already.
Edited to add: oh but she does show you how to mix the colors she uses for those steps which are not on the free youtube vids


A couple of weeks ago, I signed up for MG dolls Patreon. Melissa is amazing. Her videos are clear and pleasant to watch. Everything on the page is organized and easy to find. She shares ton of really good info.
Then, several days ago I decided to try Jackie Ortiz’s Patreon too. I absolutely love her work. But her Patreon doesn’t seem very helpful to me. I can’t find tutorials. All I find is doll give aways. I stumbled upon one tutorial that was just labeled as a live video (not at all helpful when you’re trying to go back to look at old videos. I need a description attached to the video.) anyway, it was an hour long video of her painting about 6 vein lines. She works slow and talks about everything else except reborning tips. Maybe 5 minutes worth of info spread out into an hour long video. So…someone who likes her Patreon, please tell me what I’m missing. How do I find anything valuable on her page? I really want to be able to learn from her. Her work is among my favorites.


Yep, Im following her too n gonna cancel her patreon. I meant to do it before the first. But I will definitely cancel before May. I have the 10.00 edition. You have to be in the higher one to even be entered into the 40.00 gift (clothes) give away. No thanks, what n when she post is not worth the 10.00


It’s a shame. The potential is there. She just needs to get organized. I guess her focus is giveaways though. I’m sure that’s great for a lot of people. I just don’t need that. :confused:


I love her work. I thought she would share some of her painting methods. And she doesn’t even post that often. I’ll save my 10.00. I can n buy my own baby clothes. I signed up for infro not giveaways.


You really cant! I just quit her patreon this month bc it is basically all give a ways and polls for what baby she should paint next. But everyone on her patreon praises her for being on patreon and i think they are just in it to hopefully win a give away. She does have a few painting videos on there where she does mix the colors and tells you how to mix it. There’s 4 i believe. Labeled tips and tricks videos #1-4, they are in the beginning of February i believe, like right at the start of her patreon. I wouldnt of minded so much but she lists her pledges and what each reward comes along with it and i pledged the $10 a month for WEEKLY tips and tricks videos as well as being able to ask her any questions and she says she will reply and the last few tips and tricks posts were of her piercing ears and where she buys her rooting needles. Im not paying $10 a month to find out where she buys her needles. Melissa on the other hand is wonderful!!! She is always posting new info and videos and she actually REPLIES back to you if you ask her anything!!


Jackie Ortiz has quite a few videos on youtube showing how she paints and so on.


Exactly! Thats why the pledge is called WEEKLY TIPS AND TRICKS, not giveaways and polls, oh and we get an hour early access to most of her videos she posts to youtube before they go public, About the babies she painted or will be painting.


Okay. So it’s not just me. Good to know. I was feeling bad about giving up so quickly. But beyond the $10 a month, my time is too valuable to waste on there. I’ll just stick with Melissa. And if anyone else knows of other artists on Patreon, I would love to give them a try. :slight_smile:


She does but she doesn’t tell you the colors she uses to mix but when she posted those youtube videos long ago, i mixed my colors myself just by looking at her color mixes in the jars.


What do you think of her painted hair?


I’ve watched her tutorials on YouTube. I don’t think she ever completed a whole tutorial on ethnic painting. If she did, she didn’t give you any information on the paint colors she used. I need to improve on my ethnic babies.