Anyone following artist on Patreon?


I’m following Melissa George. I’m paying 9.00 a month to watch videos n other stuff that she does n talk about on there. She responds to your questions. I like her and her work. I follow another few artist, but not paying anything, so you don’t get much. If you follow artist, what is your opinion about patreon? I think it’s a way for them to make money. But, you’re getting information and learning. I don’t know how long I’m gonna continue my membership tho. I just started like 2 weeks ago.


I don’t know… :crazy_face:


I’m curious about it. What other artists do you follow?


Jackie Ortiz, miraclebabiesnursery and inlovewithreborns


I love Jackie and Stephanie’s work Just not sure about the pledges… do they take that out a week? I learned so much from Jackie Ortiz.


It’s a monthly fee. The have 1, 5, 9 and up pledges


I like her work too. I decided to just do one pledge with 1 artist.


I understand. I just wanted to give it a try. So far, I like what Melissa has posted. I’m learning different things.


I know Jackie is also doing a free reborn give away to her pledges. A month :).


Yes she is.


Hmm, maybe I should reconsider; I do like Jackie’s youtube videos.




This is the first i have heard of it … is it on you tube or what ? I do not hear well and need the captions to hear videos tv etc. you tube has some captions


I follow Jackie and its definitely worth it I think, for $10 a month you get weekly tutorials, can message her and be her priority AND youre entered into a raffle to win one of her amazing babies!! I might sign up for Melissa George too for the month to see if i think shes worth it too :slight_smile:


No it’s not YouTube. I don think it has caption either. Go to


jackies videos are youtube so you will be able to turn on the caption. They are only for the ones who pledge $10 and up. Melissa’s is not youtube and there is no option to turn on caption. I like watching videos at night and i turn the captions on to read it.


Thank you for the info I appreciate it.


I was super excited when i found jackie on patreon! But then was a bit disappointed as i signed up for the $10 month which says she will post a tips and tricks or tutorial video every week. she just put out a hair cutting one today but before today, the last tips and tricks video was posted Feb 6th.


I hadn’t noticed that! I don’t check it enough obviously. bit of a shame that todays is a hair cutting vid aswell, seeing as she already has free haircutting tutorials on her youtube


Not sure how I feel about it. I have 4 artists that I follow on You Tube, more than that actually but 4 I take serious notice of, and they all have Patreon. That would be 40 a month and since I’m not famous or rich that comes from dolly money…so… No Patreon as of yet.