Anyone else cant get into now


I can’t load either. Maybe they are doing some work on it?


I still can’t get in either


MIne account has been acting strange too
Hope it gets fixed soon as I have 2 babies on there for sale


Thank you dolly


Mine is saying “your connection has timed out”. Glad I’m not the only one having problems. Hope Dave knows what’s going on and can fix it soon!


Me too, I listed a baby but some photos did not load and I have not been able to get in and edit. So I guess it’s a website issue


Dave just emailed me back. Here is the message: Server is under a ddos attack right now. Not sure when it will be back up. Hopefully soon. Fingers crossed.

To an extent, I understand what he means, but am not knowledgeable enough to know what all this entails and what how much control he would have over the situation.

This sucks. Really hope it is resolved soon.


This is scary. They have apparently been cyber-attacked.


Wow …I still can’t get in to the sight but my customer let me send an invoice for the baby after fiddling around trying to log in and change the price for an hour and half or so. I still need to mark the baby sold or take it off of the site.
I hope Dave can get it back up. I agree that is scary.


Just got this email from David.


Probably from one of those “I’m sick and I want a free reborn” people. It’s up now.


Mines still down


I just checked mine and its still not working either.


That’s weird; I’ve checked several times and the site is up.


Ill go try again thanks Simone.


No still not getting in ? strange since it seems some can.
This is the message i got

This page isn’t working didn’t send any data.


I think the attack is randomly blocking people. So it changes


It just times out for me and has been since early this morning.


I’m still not getting in. The site just won’t even load for me at all.
Hope someone who can get on let’s Dave know that it’s still affecting us, just so he knows.


Same here, site won’t even load