Anyone doing any of the older kits still? Show your pics


Me either I don’t upload from my phone someone here might be able to help with that I have edit picture on my phone however I only recall the crop feature .
Sorry perhaps if you have a computer send the pic to it for edit?



@mommy2owen apart from Cozy and kameko which kits are the others? i loovee your babies.


The others are Chanel, Meg, and Molly. Thank you! :blush:


not Bountiful Baby kits, but old sculpts. I love the older kits <3 ![IMG_7232|305x500]


A This is BB Kitten. I had painted her for my sister about three years ago. I had been putting off the thought of rooting that head. I finally went ahead and ordered a wig. My sister has been waiting for a grandchild, so this is the closest I could do to help. Lol

I also couldn’t believe how much my painting methods have changed since then.


omg, your babies are BEAUTIFUL!


These are another of my favorites. Morgan!


Thank you! :heart: