Anyone doing any of the older kits still? Show your pics


Wow! That’s one of the most beautiful Kamekos I’ve seen - are those applied eyelashes?


Thank you!
No I just painted them on.


Look at that beautiful work.


I did Gabriel with Ana limbs for a little girls birthday


I love Shyann!! I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a bad one


Wow! I’m in awe of your Kameko!! I’ve never seen one painted like this. I would never have known it was her if you hadn’t said so. Beautiful!!


Oh Lovely mix and match!


Thank you. She wanted full limbs and loved Gabriel’s face so I just went with it. It was a seconds Ana anyway.


He’s so sweet!!


They’re all gorgeous!!


How are you all getting your pics to come out right? Mine are still sideways. :grimacing:


Thank you, V! :heart:


I love them both, but that Cutie is the bomb!!! :heart_eyes:




Anytime I have one go wrong side up I make the photo smaller and it comes out right .


How do you make it smaller?


I just go to paint and change the dimensions there , I open the picture in paint and click on resize then usually 90% of the size is small enough to work if it doesn’t I go down just a little more.


I’m on my iPhone. Not sure if this is possible


Kaelin was fun to reborn…


I’m painting an older one now. Found the inspiration looking at the cutest Cutie I’ve ever seen :wink::wink: @Missly21