Anyone doing any of the older kits still? Show your pics


Thank you!


I’m pretty sure Shyann will always be my favorite kit, and from the looks of the pics, she is a favorite of a lot of artists.

My last two babies were from older kits.
Here’s Kemeko

and here’s Ben


They are both lovely, but that is one gorgeous Shyann. Your babies are amazing!


Thank You!


I just love your Cutie!!!


A couple of Shyanns from ages ago. Looking at everyone’s Shyanns makes me want to do another one. Guess I’ll have to check the stash.

This is my very first baby from 2013

This one is Baby #28 from 2014


Wow there really are some stunning ‘oldies’ done. I’m so glad people are still loving them.
I’m always looking for different looking babies with character. I just haven’t been tempted by any of the real borns yet… They all seem very similar to me for some reason. I think maybe Brittany is the one that appeals to me the most and Landon of course.
But there’s just something about shyann and Riley that speak to me…maybe it’s because they are older babies?
Are BB just going to be doing newborns from now onwards do you think?


They have 3 toddlers in the works from Denise Pratt and a Toddler realborn (Emmy) coming soon


I am waiting on Emmy!

This is my baby #2 Shyann.


Wow! Gorgeous!


Gemma and 2 Shyanns.


Thank you!


Gemma .


Hey @brandybeayon! I haven’t seen you around in a while. Happy to see you here!


I will also be doing a few more older kits, like Cookie, kitten and I have Cuddles completed but not assembled…so many great faces. This is my kameko…I love this kit.


Wow, that is a beautiful Kameko! :open_mouth:
I’m not usually fond of her, unless it’s an alternative or something. But this one is super cute!


Thank you so much…I actually lengthened her face a bit, it made her more feminine.


How did you do that? With clay?


I reshape just with heat…once cold it stays.


What a beautiful version of Kameko! Love her hair and how you did her brows and lips. She’s precious!