Anyone doing any of the older kits still? Show your pics


Here’s my Riley

and Shyann

and Jarome. This oldie but goodie is hands down my favorite BB kit of all times. I’ve got another floating head that I’ll pair with other limbs to keep for myself.


Biracial shyann is next on my list I think!
You both did wonderful jobs on yours:)



is my favorite too.


I just made this one and adopted her out at Christmas…this is one of the first kits BB made…and still one of my all time fav!


I painted Precious Gift around Christmas and just finished Kyra this week. I also painted LuLu but don’t have her picture on this computer.


Jacelyn now Jac .


Here are some of my babies done from the older kits. :slight_smile:


I know I’ve told you before, but I am totally IN LOVE with your Cutie! :heart_eyes:


Oh I love your Cozy. He’s one of my favorites. I don’t see many people doing him.


Don’t know why but I love doing Riley. :slight_smile:


@sewhot Oh he is cute!

@kareninflorida Do you know, I’ve never made a Precious Gift??? I know she’s your favorite - I’ll have to make her soon.


Yesssss!!! Oh my gosh, Simone…I’d LOVE to see your version of PG!


Shyann is my favorite too! I’ve done her twice (so far)

Currently working on Kameko (haven’t gotten very far)

And Kyra, who was my first. Excited to see how this new one compares!


Thank you! :blush:


Ahh thanks Karen. She turned out beautiful even tho it was a mich-mash kit ( she had Chanel legs) and trouble getting the body from the seller I bought the kit off of. Having to buy one from another nursery. Then finding out that someone had cut into one of the kits eyes. OMG ! If there had been a lake nearby…:wink:
The lady who bought her loved her anyway.


Not a lake baby at all! :open_mouth: She’s just the cutest Cutie of all time! Whoever has her is a lucky mama! :heart:


Riley is my favorite, can you tell! Here is full shot of my last Riley.