Anyone doing any of the older kits still? Show your pics


I know there’s a lot of hype at the moment about the real born kits and they are fantastic. However I still love some of the old kits that I haven’t done yet.
Anyone out there still doing a Riley, kameko, Irelyn or my personal fav, soon to be back in stock shyanne.
Please add your pics so we can all be inspired again by the oldies but goodies! Lol
BB prototypes below


I have done 2 Kamekos (one alien), and 1 Shyann of the kits you listed





Kameko, gena, and sweet pea…


I’ve done two Shyanns:


Here’s Cutie…

And Jewel



I love both Realborns and the regular sculpts. Have an Easton up for sale right now and am working on a Crystal…whom I’ve always been drawn to because she looks like my daughter. That one’s a keeper. I also have a Lane for sale, and a Realborn Sleeping Ana. I’m working on a Realborn Clyde and a Maisie.


I just did a Libby.


I just finished a Kameko, which I loved. I’ve also done Shyann as a mermaid recently, and my all time favorite regular BB kit, Spencer. I want to do a Libby, as I think she looks like a slightly older/bigger Spencer.


I don’t know how old the kits are but I am assuming they aren’t very recent.
Meg was my first and then Punkin was my second. Chantel is one of my favorites and thankfully went to live with a very close friend. That one I would miss. I think she was my 4th


@Bec1273 I LOVE the Spencer kit!!! I’ve only made 2; the first one I made, I kept.


Love her!


I want a Spencer! Seems like he’s been out of stock forever… :pensive:


As much as I LOVE the realborns, and I DO…PG will always be my fave:

I’m pretty well stocked up in case he’s ever discontinued :blush:

I also love Crystal:


I just did a Paisley for Christmas


que hermosos todos. estoy comenzando con todo esto, en mi pais no esta muy difundido, asi que sola fui juntando informacion, me sirve mucho leer y ver sus trabajos


Oh adorable! Your babies are so cute!


Your spencer is adorable! Got to go on my list.


I’m working on a libby at the moment but she’s been the bane of my existence…lol I’m trying to make her into a Ethnic baby but everything that could go wrong has so far… Lol


I actually quite like the ‘older’ kits. They just have a different ‘look’ than the realborns.
I did a biracial Shyann.

And here’s Meg as a boy, one of my personal favorites.

And I’m working on Holly right now, which will also be a boy.