Anyone collect CPK soft sculptured dolls


Hey all,
I’m looking for others who collect the vintage or new cabbage kid soft sculptured dolls.
I had the regular coleco plastic head style as a kid, but I’ve recently become infatuated with the full soft sculptured kids. I bought my first off ebay the other week a girl from 1990.
I can’t wait till she arrives in her pretty sailor dress.
I’m really hoping to get some earlier editions as well and I have heard a lot about ‘bronze edition’ and such and such edition. wondering if anyone can tell me more about the color editions ?
Also is there any collector groups online, as I can’t seem to find any?
If you have any soft sculptured face kids I would love to see them!


I have about 15 or so CPK older from 80’s I started collecting them when I saw them discarded at garage sales and flea markets. most are ones I paid a dollar for and cleaned them up and there clothes. I have a lovely boy My husband bought me for Christmas one year off the cabbage Patch site, love these litte

l munkins, I have mostly all soft sculpted babies.This is Benjamin at Christmas in his new outfit. LOL


I love CPK! I still have the original one I got for my birthday in 1984 lol. It has a hard head though. My daughter has several that she’s collected, including one she got when we went to Babyland General Hospital (the actual cabbage patch lol) outside of Atlanta a few years ago.


I got Benjamin from Babyland, had him for 8 yrs now.


I have one named Shelia that I got on a trip to Babyland a few years ago. I live about 2 hours from Babyland


Oh your Benjamin is so adorable! I’m waiting patiently for my Daphne to arrive
Here is the pic off of ebay


Oh cutie, you’ll love her. Happy you found her.


Hi! this is Audrey she is a 1980 E bronze
as far as a group yes and they are a lot of help the name on facebook is The Soft Face Place for Cabbage Patch Kid/Little People Collectors


these are 83 to 85


And this is a custom i did for someone a hard head doll


I was obsessed with them as a kid, but unfortunately, we were poor and couldn’t afford much. I did have one at least. I found this one from EBay, this was the doll I always wanted but never got. I bought it for my daughter as a collectors item.