Anyone can help me with a brochure?


Good evening /morning all !

Just wondering if anybody can help me please whit a brochure for advertising reborn baby’s.
In my city people don’t know to much about reborn baby’s or never heard about. I would like to create a brochure to give out some info also advertise. I am a single mom of two with a very part time job so any little would help for supplies and extra would be awesome .
I have an idea what I would like the problem is because my English is not so good I don’t know how to create the sentences in order to have important info in a tiny place…also to have room for picture.
so if you have one and you are willing to share I would be grateful.( I will be using some parts of it and in Vancouver BC.)

Thank you :Andy


What program are you using to make the brochure…like adobe, MS publisher, MS word?


MS word or the vista print one …but I don’t know how to create my own on vista print…I have to spend some hours on it :smile:


I’m going to send you a PM


thank you


Vista Print is easy and awesome. Just double check all your spelling because they print the day you pay. I have my business cards from them and I made adoption cards, too.


what is on the adoption card ? it is better then a brochure ?


I checked the cards maybe Birth announcement and have each baby like 10-20 cards ?


For me, I send along a care sheet, a business card or 2 and an adoption card. It has all the details of the baby on it:

Baby’s Name:
Date of birth:
Reborned by:
Adoptive Parent:
Adopted on:

That sort of thing.


Oh wait…I thought you were talking about a brochure to advertise your reborning nursery business.
I don’t think you want to put that on a birth announcement? Did I misunderstand what you’re looking for?


any ideas I can spread the word about reborns :smile:
I have a craigslist ad but not to many people interested or they offer very small…not even covering supplies


If you are looking for something to go in a brochure to describe what a reborn is…You can use something like this (I have it on my website) Or you may want to look at other artist websites and many will describe what a reborn is in therIRown words…You can use this or parts of it that you find useful…


The craft of making reborn dolls began in the United States in the late 1990s. A reborn doll is a manufactured vinyl doll or doll kit that has been transformed to resemble a human baby with as much realism as possible. The process of creating a reborn doll is referred to as reborning.

In the beginning, regular children’s dolls were bought, taken apart and the paint stripped. These were then repainted and had hand rooted hair applied taking these dolls from a child’s play toy to a collectors delight. Dolls such as Berenguer, Zapf, and Ashton Drake were some of the doll brands that were originally used.

As more reborn artist came into the industry, sculptors and manufacturers started producing blank unpainted vinyl kits. New products, paints and techniques were and are constantly being introduced and improved and the dolls are becoming more and more realistic,

The process of creating one of these babies is time consuming but very rewarding. Most artist use heat set paints which are applied in many thin layers and cooked into the vinyl to create a permanent finish. Once the painting is completed, the artist will hand root mohair or human hair one strand at a time for the babies hair and lashes.

Every baby that is created is individual and one of a kind. No two artist will produce a doll that looks the same even if it is the same sculpt and they have learned their technique from the same teacher. It is impossible for even the same artist to re-created an exact replica of their own original work.

Reborn doll kits are either mass produced or are limited editions so though your doll sculpt may not be one of a kind, once the artist’s hand has been applied to the kit, it becomes an original and unique OOAK work of art.

That is the beauty of this art form and guarantees the absolute fact that your reborn is indeed a One Of A Kind.Hand painted heirloom collectible.


@westernstarr thank you . @DancesWithDolls will help me and I am sure we can use a part of this info just we have to be creative …one sheet including : Info, pictures, about the artist and contact info.


You can get all that on a tri-fold brochure from vista print as well if you wanted to go that route… I have created several different ones in the past with all my nursery information, photos, website, contact info as well as describing what a reborn is…I have gone away from using them over the last 2 or so years but will see if I can find any of my old ones and will post pics too if that would help… :smile:



Great! Thank you for the info and help. Much appreciated :slight_smile:


@westernstarr That would be helpful. I am not going to use all your words just to have an idea how we can work with the small space and do the best .
thank you


Would you be able to share with me what the stuff you made from vista print looks like? The care cards etc?
Do you have a nursery name?


Starr hasn’t logged on here since 2016. Not sure she will (just so you know if she doesn’t reply)

She also isn’t reborning as much at she used to but did make some for the holidays.

She is on Pinterest also and she did have a website (not sure if it is current but I will try to find it)


Heres one i put in my reborn boxes…its not quite for advertising but I made it at vista print and it gives you an idea of layout and what you could do.



Here is Starr’s website