Anyone buy Sydney DOTD?

Not a baby that I would normally buy but at that price I figured why not!

Quantities are also very limited on Sydney, and we might run out of stock. A lot of folks are busy with Thanksgiving, though, and might not even see Sydney today, so who knows.

Also, tomorrow’s “Deal of the Day” will be the instructional video DVD, “Making Reborn Baby Dolls with Denise Pratt”, for $9.95. That video was produced by Johnston Original Artdolls, and they list the regular retail at $49.95. The $9.95 price is significantly below wholesale, but we would like to get reborning instructions out to as many people as we can.


I did. She isn’t one I would normally buy either, but hey it’s a great deal. I might find I like her better than I thought.

I didn’t as I had already ordered one prior. Still waiting to reborn her - not that crazy about the sculpt, but I know it does come out really cute.


I ordered her. She is one of my favorites. I made her about a year and a half ago. I am not sure when I will make up my new kit. I have two babies I am hope to find a home for. I guess I will have to wait until these two babies find a home before I make any new ones.

Here is a picture of my Sydney - now Shelby.