Anybody going to DEDS

the Down EAst Doll Show in Raleigh NC in June?

I wish! but no way!

I met my long-time friend Lana in Kentucky (flew to her) and we drove in from there…we have been online friends for years but this was our first time to meet. we went as spectators and I entered a reborn in the doll show (got Peoples Choice) …it was so fun. Even though I have been reborning for 10 years I went to many of the free workshops…it was fun to see how other artists do what they do…picked up a couple new tips too!
I took Evon NAther’s hair painting class (it was a birthday present from Lana)
I plan to exhibit this year…just to hopefully offset my travel expenses and justify going agian!
met lots of new people…some big names…and some online friends…but missed alot of gals too! I will announce my table # is 20 so come find me!!!

well “unknown Female”…now I know who you are!

i will be there as well, im at booth 209 and im teaching the rooting class and a workshop.

hope everyone stops by to say hello!

I wish I could go It sounds like it is going to be so much fun. It would have been so nice to meet everyone.

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i will be there as well, im at booth 209 and im teaching the rooting class and a workshop.

hope everyone stops by to say hello!

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I would have loved to of taken your rooting class.

Going. Won’t be spelling, just going to meet friends, and have fun looking and shopping.

Now I’m debating it just to meet some of you. It’s only 3 1/2 hours away. If my friend was at her house through the summer, I could stay with her and be right there! Her mom and brother will be there though so maybe I will consider going. That way I would have a place to stay…it even has a pool and a hottub!!! You might not see me most of the time! It would be nice to see other reborns because I haven’t ever gotten to. Not sure I want to commit to classes this soon just in case my back goes out.

Whaa!! I want to go. no fair for us geographically challenged people. I bet it is super fun.

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I want to go… I just google mapped it and it would be 11 1/2 hours drive and I just don’t have money to buy plane tickets. I am going to save up and plan for next year! It sounds super fun!!!

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Maybe we can form a “Down the Middle Doll Show”, lol.

Probably would be better if I didn’t go. Looking at some people that will be there, I will turn me into a total dollie groupie, lol.

I would think that they have one at some point in the middle of the country. Seems like they have them everywhere else. My problem with going (besides my back) is the temptation when I see all the goodies Kits and dolls and accessories…oh, my!!!