Any way to fix this?

There are dots all over the fingers and toes of my kit. This was going to be “the one” until I noticed this. Anyway to fix it? I did a base layer of B.B. skin then proceeded with layers

It is uneven pits in the vinyl holding paint. You can strip the paint then go over the vinyl with a layer of primer of some sort first to help fill in the pits. Air dry primer or fluid matte medium will work or you can use a layer of Genesis thinning medium or thick medium over them and heat set. Then paint.

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not really, its the vinyl not you.

I wouldn’t strip just go over it with some matte varnish, bake, matte varnish bake. Then do some light flesh, bake, and blush.

It isn’t 100% fix but it will make it better.


I had the same problem on one of Easton’s toes.
I put it as disclaimer on photolisting.

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Glad I’m not the only one, it’s fingers and toes and the fingers make the nails look so bad. Newborn nail biter lol :heart_eyes: I’m going to try to varnish it I don’t want to strip it though. I was sooooo careful with this baby to make sure she was perf :weary:

Freckles :heart_eyes: I love it

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