Any tips on selling my babies on


Don’t feel lonesome, mine are sitting there, too! It’s frustrating because I’ve worked on my technique and improved, but no one is buying. I don’t get it.


I know I don’t know why I have not sold one baby, maybe because I’m new… but I looked at your babies and They are beautiful!


Thank you - I’m on bronze membership right now - maybe that’s the reason? IDK.


I’ve sold almost all my dolls on Bronze membership. I don’t see that the higher priced memberships make much difference. I tried Gold. Didn’t sell a thing. Tried Silver. So far, I’ve sold one. I’m probably going to switch back to Bronze.


I’m on the silver plan… but nothing in 10 days… people said maybe because I’m new… I don’t think my prices are to high??


Just be patient. There’s not a thing wrong with your babies. I don’t think it’s because you’re new and your prices aren’t too high. They’ll sell eventually. My James/Katie sold in 10 days. My open eyed Maggie cuddle baby has been listed for 48 days. My Annaliese was listed 37 days ago. I just keep merrily painting away. Have you sold any babies anywhere? I think it helps to have pictures of babies that have been adopted in your nursery. Are there any doll shows near you? That’s a really fun way to market them. My babies always look better in person and I like interacting face to face with potential buyers.


No I have not sold any babies anywhere unfortunately. These are actually my first babies I have ever made… and no shows near me at the moment. But I will keep an eye out for any show. Thanks for the advice it is very much appreciated.


That’s okay. Their mommies will find them.


Yeaaaaaaa sold my first Baby!!! Thank you Jesus!!!
And thank to my beautiful reborn girl for all your words of encouragement and reassurance… much love :heart:


Congratulations!!! So happy for you!!


Thank you sweet lady :heart:


CONGRATULATIONS! Wasn’t that fun? The others will sell, too.


Yes it definitely felt good to finally sell one and to a very sweet lady


I am always trying to work out the perfect price. When i started I had this really complicated formula…no bueno.

After a while you just look around at what the market will bear. Say you have a Cozy sculpt, no belly plate painted hair. You are a new artists still learning. I would look around and find five other cozies similar to yours in style and quality and see where you fit in. Go to Reborns, Etsy, Ebay. You don’t want to undervalue your babies because buyers will undervalue them, you don’t want to jump in with the big ticket right out of the gate.

You prices should go up as you improve your skills. This gives collectors the opportunity to invest in your potential knowing that someday that price is going to climb.

The great thing about Reborns is that there are artists at all different levels and price points. Some people feel like the less expensive babies will take business, they won’t. People buy babies because they make a connection (in their price range).

The best way to sell a baby is to have a nice quality product, be honest with your buyers, have honest photography. Make sure you photograph with some natural light an get good clear photos, people want to see all the details (even the ones you don’t want them to see). They don’t have to be dressed fancy, you don’t need expensive props. I white t-shirt, a pretty blanket and some filtered sun.

These are lovely babies, find a price you will feel good with, that feels fair and keep it there don’t lower it, just wait, it takes time, there are a lot of babies to choose from, you just need people to find you.


I agree!! Do Not go down…in fact raise her up more!


My Annaliese just sold this week. She was listed for 52 days. Her mommy loves her.